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Sailors and yachters find a paradise among the Abacos, praised by experts as one of the best sailing locations in the Bahamas. A chain of islands in the Bahamas, the Abacos consists of two main islands that make up the mainland, Great Abaco and Little Abaco, and its own series of out islands and cays. Especially popular during the winter, the surrounding waters remain calm and clear throughout the year because of the many reefs. Fish and game animals abound, on and offshore. Many visitors bring their own vessels out for island-hopping and smooth sailing, but plenty of marinas around the islands rent out boats and equipment.

Perfect for island-hopping, muliple cays flank Great Abaco and Little Abaco. Take a week sailing between places and visiting several in a day, a most enjoyable way to travel. Swim and explore at the beautiful, tranquil beaches, fish from just off Moraine Cay for lobsters and conch, explore the magnificent coral reefs, and play golf on Great Abaco, all in one day. Relax in the sun and enjoy the quietude, as many of these out islands have laws against loud motors or other disturbances.

Most guests make their first stop on Great Abaco in Marsh Harbour, the Bahamas' third largest city and the Abacos' commercial center. Boaters consider this the easiest harbor to enter. Visit the supermarkets, ATMs, and shops and stock up on supplies, as these may not exist on the smaller islands. Readily available marinas offer full service if you wish to charter a boat. The well-known Abacos Beach Resort offers comfortable and upscale lodgings. Many boutiques sell native arts and crafts as souvenirs. Don't leave Marsh Harbour without seeing "The Stop Light", the only traffic light existing in the out islands.

Visit the Bahamas National Trust Sanctuary and see the reserve for endangered parrots. Drive to Hope Town and see the famous candy-striped lighthouse that brought about much controversy when being built.

Cruise your ship around Little Abaco, where interesting cays and fishing spots await. Nearby in the north lie Treasure Cay and Moraine Cay, the jewels of these islands. The Treasure Cay Hotel Resort and Marina sits on a 3.5 mile beach, where guests can relax, enjoy the fine dining, and soak up the sun. A 6,985 yard golf course challenges players and the famous Tipsy Seagull Bar invites you for a drink, music, and dancing. Another luxurious resort exists in Moraine Cay in the northeast, where boats can be rented out as well.

Take a trip to the Abacos and explore the many out islands and all the attractions they have to offer. A sailors dream destination, these cays present adventure, a wealth of natural beauty, and a chance to kick back and relax!

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